the 4-month mentorship program for the woman who is ready to shift from appearance-conditioning to body awareness

healing your limiting beliefs around body image, & increasing your embodied awareness

For the

woman who yearns to look at her body with acceptance and who wants nothing more than to enjoy her body beyond looks. 


In 4 months from appearance-conditioning to body awareness


Is this you, love?

apologizing for your body and the space it takes up
* feeling insecure about your looks

* not understanding where your insecurity comes from
* craving confidence and self-acceptance
* treating your body differently than you wish, in nutrition, exercize, daily routine.
* having a strong inner critic speak to you about your body, looks, and more 
* desiring to feel more free in your body but not sure how to create it
* not feeling so feminine, but craving it deeply
* always doing, doing, doing
* dealing with a skin condition and the look of your skin
*dealing with inexplicable symptoms in your body or skin

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this is all a lack of trust in your body

I have been there ...


I have gone through so much treatment on and within my body. All the hospital treatments for my birthmark and eyes had me deeply mistrust my body. 

I know what it is like to not trust your body, to feel insecure about your looks, and to feel alone in it.
To smile more than you feel like, just to make another person comfortable, to apologize for your body.

To put your body in situations even though deep down you feel signals inside telling you not to go there. 

But despite all this....

I know what it is like to find myself in the midst of all the chaos of healing.
What it is like to do the inner work, to overcome the societal conditioning around appearance, and to fully love my body and all its abilities regardless of shape, size, looks, medical labels, or outer environments. 

I found daily rituals, routines, and science-backed knowledge and wisdom in the fields of psychology, anthropology, embodiment practices, Ayurvedic principles and spirituality and have practised these daily for the last decade.

If there is one thing I am here for, it is to teach you this love for yourself, to turn Within Your Skin...

What's in it?

Module 1


In this module we'll dive into our inner child, the relationship to mothers and received messages when we were young. We do this through the lense of anthropology and inner child work.  

Module 2


This module we will dive into cultural notions, societal standards and how that influences our experience of our bodies, looks and appearance. 

Module 3 


This module is all about embodying new perspectives, feeling the body and become sensitized to the body's signs and signals. 

Module 4


Lastly, we will bring everything together and integrate how we can shine into the world who we truly are, for our own benefit and the benefit of the world at large. 

this mentorship starts with introductory tools and insights to safely land in the container

Individual sessions

During our time together, we will have 6 live bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions of about 1 hour in which we deeply within your process. 

We will go through some practices and rituals in the sessions too. 


Call 1: opening call
Call 2: Module 1 
Call 3: Module 2
Call 4: Module 3
Call 5: Module 4
Call 6: Closing Call



* 6 private coaching calls
* 4 modules full of meditations, visualizations, journaling practices

* 5+ hours lecture
* movement practices
* sensitization & relaxation practices

What you'll get in this deep mentorship program....


What you take with you after
Within Your Skin...

* a powerful intimate relationship to your body

*  hightened increased awareness of the signals and symptoms of your body

* a safe understanding of your body image conditioning and patterning as a young child

* love and trust your body more

* insight in the responsiveness of your nervous system

* observe your inner critical voice with clarity

* have an inner mentoring voice supporting you

* have tools of meditation, movement and relaxation in your toolkit

* create consciousness in conversations with others about body image

* increased body confidence, awareness and secure embodiment

and so much more...

More about Tessa

I made this program to support you in all that I have gone through myself in relating to my appearance and  my look. 

I have spent over a decade studying the body from different perspectives because of my own longing for understanding. I have in-depth knowledge and lived experience in the field of yoga, ayurveda, human movement and epigenetic and quantum healing. 

I am a body intimacy, sensual awareness and integrative embodiment coach and teacher specialized in looks and perception. I have a BA in antropology, cultural studies and an MSc in human management and lookism. 
I graduated on the experience of people with visible difference in social settings. 

I deeply honour the feminine experience of life and am fully motivated to reconnect you to your body's innate intelligence in a integrated and grounded way. 


apply for your
30 minute discovery call

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incl. VAT & full mentorship program, access to an online portal, lectures, and 6 live 1:1 coaching calls 

What other women say...

"working with Tessa has opened my eyes to how intelligent our bodies are. I feel my body better, take better care of it. I see my body as a tool that works fór me and not against me, I feel way more aware and grateful for it...." - Isa

"Within Your Skin has done so much for me. The exercises fit so nicely into what I needed at the time. I have learned to really listen to the signals of my body During the live calls you asked me just the right questions, it is abundantly clear that you have so much knowledge and understanding. Thank you" - 

from WYS Spring 2021


step into the world,
within your skin, 
face the world fully, 
wholly from within



How much time will I spend on this mentorship?

Every module contains a lecture of an hour and multiple practices to do in your own time throughout the program. Each module contains about 4 hours of lectures, meditations, practices, and journaling. You have one biweekly call with Tessa of about 1,5 hours.

How long can I access this course?

70 days from the day of purchase. So about 2 months total!

Is there a refund possible?

There is no refund unless there is a life-altering event that upstrucks our journey together. However, once we have gone through the intake-process, and have agreed upon a timeslot and completed the payment process, we are in this journey together <3

What if I need more than 3 months?

Of course, it can be that you need more time. There is plenty of opportunity for us to find a way to give you more time as well as stay with the transformational journey.

What are the 1:1 calls about?

In these supportive coaching calls we will dive into your process and journey together. We explore where you are at and deepen your transformation. This is a space to ask all your questions.

How does it work with the live coaching calls?

Together we agree upon a time slot for our calls. We will plan the six sessions ahead to support your mentorship. Please notify if you cannot make it to a live 1:1 session 24 hours in advance.

How is the mentorship structured.

This course exists of 4 modules. In the mentorship, you'll go through a module each 2 weeks. A module consists of a lecture and supporting practices, healing meditations, movement and journaling prompts. The combination of practices varies each week a little bit. Each module is accompanied with a live biweekly coaching call, the first and last calls are to start off and close off.

Will I get to connect with others in the course?

this is a mentorship-program, meaning that we mostly work one on one. If you have the desire to connect to others, we can create a pod with other women that go through the same journey together <3 everything is possible if you have a desire...


for questions and inquiries, please contact 



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