the mentorship program for the woman ready to shift from appearance-conditioning to body awareness

Recognize this?

apologizing for your body and the space she takes up
* feeling insecure about your looks
* not knowing where your insecurities truly come from
* craving connection, confidence and self-acceptance
* treating your body less wholesomely than you wish
* having a strong inner critic speak to you with and negative thoughts about yourself 
* desiring to feel more free in your body but not sure how to create true freedom
* feeling, stuck and experiencing tightness in the body
* always doing, doing, doing but craving being and softness
* dealing with a skin condition and the look of your skin
*dealing with inexplicable symptoms in your body or skin


your body is a sacred miracle to devote to beyond the looks, appearance, limiting beliefs and conditioning.

I have been there ...


I have often been confronted with my body. Her looks, her symptoms and syndrome, the reaction of the outside world upon her.

I know what feeling discomfort is, physically, more so mentally and emotionally. 

I have walked a beautiful path to claim feeling whole from within. When I was 17 I turned within and embarked on the spiritual path. I have cultivated a wholesome, inclusive relationship to my looks, my appearance and this body. beyond exterior conditioning.

Relating to yourself from within amidst all the messages of what you should look, be or behave like, is the healing I believe each of truly needs.
To do the inner work, to see through the societal conditioning around appearance, and to fully embody all your expressions regardless of shape, size, looks, medical labels, or outer world is what I wish for every woman, for every body.


For over a decade I have explored what it means to live beyond looks, in devotion to the sacred vehicle that is this body.
What I offer is living beyond looks in devotion to the body.
Welcome to Within Your Skin. 

If there is one thing I am here for, it is for you to face the world wholesomely from Within Your Skin...


our body is the vehicle through which we get to experience this life upon earth

Individual sessions

During our time together, we will have 5 live bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions of 1 hour in which we dive deeply within your process. 

We will go through some practices and rituals in these sessions too. 



* prework video & reflections
* 5 live masterclasses
* a closing ceremony
* 5 individual sessions with Tessa
* 15+ of my most potent meditations, visualizations & embodiment practices curated per module

* journalling workbook
* WhatsApp group for support (optional)
* online portal for your journey

So, what is included?

healing your body image, increasing your embodied awareness, devoting to self & stepping into the world wholly from within

Within Your Skin
the mentorship program
3 months


We start May 22nd, 2022

apply for your
30 minute intake call

I am fully ready to go 



early bird until May 16th   €997

incl. VAT & full mentorship program, access to an online portal, lectures, and 6 live 1:1 coaching calls 

What other women say...

"working with Tessa has opened my eyes to how intelligent our bodies are. I feel my body better, take better care of it. I see my body as a tool that works fór me and not against me, I feel way more aware and grateful for it...." - Isa

"Within Your Skin has done so much for me. The exercises fit so nicely into what I needed at the time. I have learned to really listen to the signals of my body During the live calls you asked me just the right questions, it is abundantly clear that you have so much knowledge and understanding. Thank you" - 

from WYS Spring 2021


What you take with you after
Within Your Skin...

* a powerful intimate relationship to your body
*  increased awareness of the signals and symptoms of your body
* a safe understanding of your body image conditioning and patterning as a young child and how to work with it in your daily life
* a grounded sense of self
* trusting and regulating your feelings and emotions 
* powerful rituals to support you for the rest of your life

* ability to recognize your inner critical voice with clarity
* the voice of your inner mentoring supporting you
* feeling comfortable in being seen in the world
* a hightened sense of self and trust in who you are 

and so much more...

More about Tessa

This program comes from all that I have gone through myself in relating to my appearance and  my look. 

I have spent over a decade studying the body from different perspectives because of my own longing for understanding. I have in-depth researched-based knowledge and lived experience in the field of yoga, ayurveda, human movement and epigenetic and quantum healing. 

I have guided many women around the themes of looks, beauty, awareness, embodiment and visibility. I hold a BA in international studies and anthropology, and an MSc in human management and lookism. 
I graduated on the experience of people with avisible difference in social settings. 

I deeply honour the feminine energetic experience of life and am fully motivated to reconnect you to your body's innate intelligence in a integrated, secure and trauma-informed way. 


our live calls

within Early Appearance May 22nd
within The Culture June 5th
within Embodied Skin June 19th
within Sacred Acceptance July 3rd
within The World July 17th
Closing Ceremony July 31st

Time: 8-10 PM Amsterdam, 2-4 PM ET, 11 AM-1 PM PT, 6 AM-8 AM AEDT (the next day)

all masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to your portal.

our 1:1 sessions will be scheduled individually <3 


step into the world,
within your skin, 
face the world fully, 
wholly from within


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