Within Your Skin

To Face The World 

a 4-week deep dive

from appearance-conditioning to body awareness

healing your limiting beliefs around body image, & increasing your embodied awareness

This is for the

woman who yearns to look at her body with acceptance and who wants nothing more than to enjoy her body beyond looks. 

Is this you, love?

* apologizing for your body and the space it takes up
* feeling insecure about your looks

* not understanding where your insecurity comes from

* not trusting the signals and symptoms of your body

* having a strong inner critic speak to you about your body, looks, and more 

* desiring to feel more free in your body but not knowing how to create it

* not feeling so feminine, but craving it deeply

* always doing, doing, doing

* feeling insecure in large groups of people

I have been there ...

Since I was very little, I have gone through so much treatment on and within my body. All the hospital treatments for my birthmark and eyes had me deeply mistrusting my body. 

I know what it is like to not trust your body, to feel insecure about your looks, and to feel alone in it.


To smile more than you feel, just to make another person comfortable, to apologize for your body where you don't have to. 

To put your body through situations even though deep down you feel signals inside telling you not to go there. 

More than anything, I know what it is like to find myself in the midst of all the chaos of healing.


What it is like to do the inner work, to spend time on myself each day, and to fully love my body and all its ability regardless of shape, size, looks or outer environments. 

I found daily rituals, routines, and science-backed knowledge and wisdom in the fields of psychology, anthropology, embodiment practices, Ayurvedic principles and spirituality. 

And if there is one thing I am here for, it is to teach you this love for yourself. 


The course

What's in it?

Week 1 

In this module we'll dive into our inner child, the relationship to mothers and received messages when we were young. We do this through the lense of anthropology and inner child work.  

Week 2

This module we will dive into cultural notions, societal standards and how that influences our experience of our bodies, looks and appearance. 

Week 3 

This module is all about embodying new perspectives, feeling the body and become sensitized to the body's signs and signals. 

Week 4 

Lastly, we will bring everything together and integrate how we can shine into the world who we truly are, for our own benefit and the benefit of the world at large. 

the course starts with introductory tools and insights to safely land in the container



I love connecting live with you...                                                               Live Q&A 


During the course there will be live Q&A calls to ask all your questions and share what may come up. 

We will go through some practices and rituals together too.

You are free to join - you don't have to.

I know, it can be vulnerable to enter a group container, especially online. 

Going in front of a camera is not nothing. 

I want you to know you are welcome to show up however you want. I'm here to support you. 


Thursday April 15th - 7PM Amsterdam (1PM ET - 10PT )

Thursday April 22th - 7 PM Amsterdam 

Thursday April 29th - 7PM Amsterdam

Thursday May 6th - 7PM Amsterdam 

closing call

Thursday May13th -  7PM Amsterdam

Each week you get...

* a guiding lecture

* meditations & visualizations

* morning rituals

* journalling prompts 

* movement practices

* sensitization and relaxation practices

Ready to go Within?

doors close in...


I am fully ready to go 


pay in full


4 in-depth lectures

practice that you'll use a lifetime 

online community & platform

live Q&A's

2 payments of 



4 in-depth lectures

practice that you'll use a lifetime 

online community & platform

live Q&A's

* 3 spots are offered for low-fund,

to apply, mail info@tofacetheworld.com

You will get an email if you are the woman for this spot <3

"working with Tessa has opened my eyes to how intelligent our bodies are. I see my body now as a tool that fór me and not against me...."


coaching client

step into the world,

within your skin, 

face the world fully, 

wholly from within


How much time will I spend on this course?

Every week there's a lecture of about an hour, and several practices of about 10-20 minutes. You can follow everything at your own pace. You are free to feel whatever practices fit your daily routines and by no means are they mandatory <3

How long can I access this course?

For about 2 months total!

Is there a refund possible?

No, unless there are really life-altering circumstances.

What if I need individual support?

Of course there are the Q&A's to ask all your questions and share your insights, and get coached by me if you need it. If there are more pressing and personal questions coming up that you'd like to explore more in-depth with my guidance, I am always available for a call if you need some extra support or guidance during your time in the course. Information is provided within the course for when this comes up.


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