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So often we loose the connection to our body.

It can be hard to connect to, accept and love your body and appearance.

You don't feel the signals and signs of your body anymore and you are taught that your mind is more important than your body. 

Does this sound like you?

  • you feel stuck and disconnected from your body and crave expressing yourself more

  • you have negative thoughts and shame around your body

  • you barely feel anything except when you deal with physical symptoms, aches, pains or when emotional trauma comes up

  • you want to trust, accept and take better care of your body but don't know how

  • you long for a more meaningful connection to yourself and others and want to embody that to authentically face the world 

This is for you if...

  • you are ready to get more out of life, your experience and you want to learn to get this through your body 

  • you want to go deep within yourself​ and become more sensitive to the signals of your body

  • you are ready to look at your symptoms, pains and thoughts from a different perspective and with curiosity

  • you are ready to take up space and face the world

  • you are curious about looking differently at life and seeing beyond 

your body contains immense wisdom.


I only work with multiple sessions as I'd love us to embark on a journey together in a designed alliance


5 sessions in

6 weeks

Session is 1,5 hours

You get tools, handouts and practices as homework


8 sessions in 

12 weeks

Session is 1,5 hours

You get tools, handouts and practices as homework

When I work with you, we will look at your beliefs, your experience of your body, your emotions and feelings, daily life and nourishment, and so much more. Your body is a magical tool, and powerful insights may come through...


“Tessa is a warm person who listens really well. She had a loving way of questioning me directly with the harder questions and I think she dares to ask through the uncomfortable really well. I got so many insights in the coaching trajectory that I did with her” 

—  Noortje K., coaching client


My approach is unique.

I work with the influence and latest developments in modern coaching, Quantum Physics, cell memory, epigenetics, and new human sciences combined with older sciences and ancient traditions of healing, health and wisdom.


I work with a holistic psycho-somatic approach, in a trauma-informed way. I work with tools that involve breathwork, integrative and female embodiment practice, visualization and conversational techniques.

I work with principles of trauma relief, stress responses and the subconscious to release you from the patterns that no longer serve you. 

I combine the tools and techniques with my experience and knowledge of the principles of Ayurveda to help you with lifestyle adjustments as well as the philosophy of Yoga and female embodiment tools and wisdom from Tantric teachings.

My methodology is based on the belief that we are whole and complete already and that by investigating what holds us back, we can grow further in life and back to who we truly are.