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 C O N D U C T I N G  R E S E A R C H 

Interviews and Instagram

In late 2018 I started with my Master of Science in Culture, Organization and Management (COM, VU Amsterdam). I focussed on diversity and inclusion in organizations. For my thesis trajectory, I chose to interview and research the experiences of stigmatization and discrimination of people with visible facial differences on the job market. I decided to use Instagram as a method for research. Instagram is an inclusive and diverse social media network for finding people. I used the term lookism; discrimination on the basis of looks. 

I interviewed over 50 individuuals. This lead to a vast and in-depth qualitative research and a successful completion of my MSc program. 

Through conducting research I started To Face The World. 

W H A T  I  DO 

Inspiring, informing, activating

With my research I delve into the workings of discrimination and stigmatization. I continue this by talking and interviewing many in the field of diversity studies. 

With To Face The World, I attempt to help others with issues of diversity, inclusion, discrimination, but mostly self-awareness and personal growth to counter all of the above. 

I guide people in their process in coaching trajectories.

With To Face The World, I have started a platform of sharing, inspiring, and activating through media channels such as Instagram. 

I share my own story, insights and thoughts to contribute to and activate others. 

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