individual guidance

online or in Amsterdam

To meet ourselves fully and wholesomely,
I believe it is key to cultivate a wholesome relationship to mind, body and soul that empowers us, brings balance, joy, love, connection, acceptance, security and so much more... 


when you feel called to...

  • to get more out of life, your experience, your relationship to yourself and others

  • unstuck yourself and dive into what holds you back

  • explore your feeling body and get intimate with your sensations, feelings and emotions

  • express yourself authentically and wholesomely within your skin

  • transform your body and self-image

  • look beyond your symptoms and the limitations of your body to experience different flavors and expressions of yourself

  • trust, accept and take better care of your body through daily ritual and devotion 

  • deepen into more meaningful connection and relationship to yourself and others

  • embody your authentic feminine expression to face the world

we will get intimate with...

  • understanding and relating to our insecurity, self-doubt and habitual patterns

  • relating to life with ritual, routine, devotion and intimacy to self

  • your experience through the relationship to your body 

  • deepening in yourselfand becoming more sensitive to the signals of your body

  • your thoughts, beliefs, symptoms, feelings and emotions through a different perspective and with curiosity

  • our boundaries, our sensory experience, taking up space, and facing the world

  • finding contentment and intimacy with our unique experience of life and self

  • developing tools of embodiment, presence and and self-awareness

  • seeing the world and ourselves in it beyond what we held as truth

your body contains immense wisdom.

Our journey together

We work intimately together for a minimum of 3 months in the sessions and in between sessions.  

12 week mentorship program
3 sessions per month (every 10 days, online or in-person)
in-between whatsapp/email support to fully support you
clear notes and summary after each session
practices and reflections for the next session
recording of full session
a pre-program questionnaire to clarify visions

I take on inspired clients for a journey of 3 months minimum.
Please book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to feel into our fit. 


“Tessa is a warm person who listens really well. She had a loving way of questioning me directly with the harder questions and I think she dares to ask through the uncomfortable really well. I got so many insights in the coaching trajectory that I did with her” 

—  Noortje K., coaching client

My approach is unique.

I work with the influence and latest developments in modern coaching, Quantum Physics, cell memory, epigenetics, and new human sciences combined with older sciences and ancient traditions of healing, health and wisdom.
I work with a holistic psycho-somatic approach, in a trauma-informed way. 
I work with tools that involve
breathwork, integrative and female embodiment practice, visualization and conversational techniques.

I work with principles of trauma release, stress responses and the subconscious to release you from the patterns that no longer serve you. 

I combine the tools and techniques with my experience and knowledge of Ayurveda to help you with lifestyle adjustments in harmony with your unique expression in life as well as the philosophy of Yoga and female embodiment tools and wisdom from my Tantric teachings.

My methodology is based on the belief that we are whole and complete already and that by investigating what holds us back, we return back to who we truly are and with that grow on our path. 


a single session

90 minute session 
check-in week after session
notes, summary and practices for support after session
full recording of session

Please book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to feel into our fit. 



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