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private mentorship and somatic psychotherapy


deepen your relationship to your uniqueness, embrace your innate beauty, face the world fully, wholly from within. 

welcome beauty...

​I am here to guide you in living your life beautifully and flourishingly, rooted in your unique being, body and beauty. Through somatic psychotherapy, I support you in the connection to your body, uncovering your will to meaning in your life, and grounding in emotional wellbeing and the art of relating to self, other and in this world.

1:1 psychotherapy and mentorship is for those ready to relate deeper to beauty, body, love and Life. This work is oriented towards facing any obstacle we may be  presented with in this life, bringing compassion, conscious presence and love to all aspects of ourselves by applying practices, finding depth in meaning, and artfully expressing ourselves so that we can flourish and radiate our deep pulse of beauty in our lives. 

I am in service to walk beside you on your journey. When you are ready, schedule an intake call.


"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is important you do it, because nobody else will. Lile, when something or someone comes into your life and a part of you says "you are nowhere near ready", and the other part says
"Make it yours forever" 

Together we may deepen into...

  • your relationship to self, other, partner and environment

  • the three stages to relate to your beauty, uniqueness and expression

  • your daily ritual and routine for you to live flourishingly

  • your worth, your enoughness, your belonging, your appearance

  • your innate bodily wisdom, sensitization, undoing (trauma) patterning and coming to empowerment

  • your emotions, feelings, emotional-wellbeing

  • your recovery, bodily symptoms and healing journey

  • evoking joy, contentment, depth and intimacy with life

  • unfurling your unique flavor of embodiment, presence and self-awareness


and much more...



“Tessa is a warm person who listens really well. She had a loving way of questioning me directly with the harder questions and I think she dares to ask through the uncomfortable really well. I got so many insights in the coaching trajectory that I did with her” 

—  Noortje, 4-month mentorship, Netherlands

My approach is unique.

I work with the influence and latest developments in modern coaching, Quantum Physics, cell memory, epigenetics, and new human sciences combined with ancient traditions of healing, health and wisdom.
I am trained a somatic psychotherapist, in a trauma-informed way. 
I work with tools that involve
breathwork, integrative and feminine embodiment practice, emotional release techniques and talk and speech modalities.



My approach is based on the belief that as humans we are whole and complete, that we thrive when we feel meaning in our lives, when we relate to self and other wholesomely and are connected to beauty in the greater sense. By embracing and facing all we may be presented with in Life, we return back to who we truly are and grow on our path in life. 


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