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I offer curated trainings, workshops and inspiration talks to evoke a deeper connection with our visibility, perception and emotional wellbeing. Through my background in diversity and cultural studies, lookism, internalized stigma I weave together personal inner experience and group exploration with varius modalities originating from positive psychology, anthropology and ancient heling arts. 




Authentic inclusion begins with being willing to look at all inner aspects of self. What does it take to truly include our feelings, emotions and thoughts in how we act in the world?

 From including all parts of our inner landscape, we engage more wholesomely authentically, we work from more inner balance and have more revereance for what we uniquely bring to our team, organization or business. 


emotional wellbeing, positive psychology, interrelational techniques, interdependence, workplace inclusion, deep listening, perception



Connection to the body is vital for optimal functioning and personal performance. What does it take to become intimate with our body regardless of its symptoms, illness or functioning? How do we work against body stigma, ableism and workplace opportunity coupled with disease, chronic conditions or sickness? 


healing, ableism, life balance, medical professionalism, dis-ease, stigma, pain vs. pleasure, sensitization, conditioning



In an ever increasing visually focussed world, what is the position of our appearance in our persona potential and opportunity?

How does lookism affect our society? How do we come to see beyond beauty standards and appearance conditioning and come to the deeper layers of beauty? What does it take to truly see each other beyond lookist practices?


lookism, appearance-conditioning, beauty, evolutionary approach vs. social-constructivist approach, ethics, nature and morality

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