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a 2-hour masterclass for the woman who wants to relate intimately to her skin


Do you recognize this?

* you feel uncomfortable with societal beauty standards
* you feel you need to use make-up before you go onto the streets
* you were told to take good care of your skin, but nobody taught you how
* you question the beauty industry 
* you feel insecure about your skin, looks and appearance
* you feel lost in all the products you can choose from
* you were told there are tricks against aging
* you think about your skin a lot 

what if you can see beyond the appearance and looks of your skin....

and find deep intimacy with you skin?



1. Outer Beauty
what have you been taught about your skin? the shadows, our skin in the culture, the beauty myths, and internalization, outer beauty rituals,  relating to beauty and cultivating intimacy with our exterior

2. Inner Beauty 
our thoughts and beliefs around skin, psycho-dermatology, inner beauty rituals, radiance, natural glow, 

3. The Secret of Uniting 
uniting our inner beauty to our outer beauty to cultivate the secret of intimately relating to our skin, the polarity between inner and outer and practices to look beyond and deeper at our skin

4. Embodiment & Care
cultivating daily practices to embody a nourishing relationship to our skin, seasonal adjustments to balance the state of your skin to the outside environments, special needs to skin


why skintimacy matters so much to me...

hi love,

I want to alter the way you look at your skin. because oh, your skin is so much more than the look of it. 

your skin is that which connects your inner to your outer world, your skin is that which holds everything within.

your skin protects you ánd shows you to the world. 

and I see we can relate to our skin much deeper than we are taught to do; the relationship to your skin is deep, so profound...

It is easy to get confused...

by all the products to choose from, 

conflicting messages of what is good, how to take best care of her...

navigating the many messages of skin conditions, conditioning and what society tells us about our skin

confused by what I should look like, what I should cover her with, how to hide her...

confused by aging, by the concepts of beauty, 

confused by the feelings in relation to my skin

my skin acting differently in different times of the months, responding to different substances, foods...


so I questioned, deeply...
and found my answers



finding your answers...

for a long time I have been raising my awareness into holistic ways to take care of the skin that I am in

I've been exploring the beauty standards and cultural notions around the looks of skin

I have found the skin to be one of the most interesting and intriguing parts of my human body

I see the cultivation of an intimate relationship with my skin as part of my daily practice; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually


your skin is the portal that connects your inner
with your oouter world

a 2-hour masterclasses on
~ our relationship to outer beauty        

~ our relationship to inner beauty
~ the secret of uniting both
~ the embodiment within our skin

workbook & practices 



what is included?




  € 97

a deep dive within to get fully intimate with your skin

a 2-hour masterclass with practices, journaling, embodiment, & insights



Marble Surface

About Tessa

Tessa is an author, mentor and speaker and guides individuals to evoke deeper intimacy with the body, beauty, embodiment and visibility. 

Within the Skintimacy Journey she weaves her many years of study on the wisdom of the ancient system of Ayurveda with her mentoring skills and academic knowledge of stigma on skin. 

Her lifelong experience with her port wine stain and early exposure to the fragile components of our largest organ, the skin, has given her a profound awareness of the care for our skin in the most wholesome and inclusive approach. 

With a love for  aesthetic beauty of life, sustainable and holistic living and ritual, Skintimacy brings you a profound new way of looking at your skin and a sense of belonging in seeing yourself in your skin. 



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