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receive the experience of truly seeing yourself in all form and beyond by using the mirror as a precious portal to cultivate a deeper relationship to self.

Learn tools and practices to cultivate compassionate eyes towards your body, self and the world around, to deepen your experience with life, beauty and visibility. 

see yourself in truth


Reflection is for the soul ready to....

* see yourself wholesomely in the mirror
* decondition your relationship to the mirror 
* transform the way you look at yourself
* cultivate compassionate eyes to yourself and others
* intimately connect to beauty in your life
* and so much more...


what this journey beholds

Week 1 - Insight

January 8th

the depths to mirror work practice

Week 3 - Envisioning 

January 22nd

introspection and the felt sense

Week 2 - Seeing

January 15th

beyond the layers of externality

Week 4 - Seen

January 29th

truthful authentic expression


8 pm Amsterdam / 7pm London / 2 pm ET / 11 AM PST


a mirror work journey


now €127 

incl. VAT & over 5+ hours of video content + workbooks

Marble Surface

About Tessa

Tessa is an author, mentor and speaker and guides individuals to evoke deeper intimacy with the body, beauty, embodiment and visibility. 

Within the Skintimacy Journey she weaves her many years of study on the wisdom of the ancient system of Ayurveda with her mentoring skills and academic knowledge of stigma on skin. 

Her lifelong experience with her port wine stain and early exposure to the fragile components of our largest organ, the skin, has given her a profound awareness of the care for our skin in the most wholesome and inclusive approach. 

With a love for  aesthetic beauty of life, sustainable and holistic living and ritual, Skintimacy brings you a profound new way of looking at your skin and a sense of belonging in seeing yourself in your skin. 

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