Apply for 1:1 Coaching 

I am so happy and grateful that you are here showing your interest in coaching with me!

Before I take on a new client, I first want to consider whether we are a fit.

I don't just work with anybody :)

1:1 Coaching with me

You are here on purpose. I am here to guide you to face the world. However, I am selective towards the people I work with. That is why I ask a couple of questions beforehand, to get you searching deeper into yourself so that we are clear on your intentions for coaching.

* A coaching journey is a special and sacred process for me. Inviting you into the coaching process with me means I trust our resonance, it means I feel you are ready to take this on.

* I do not take you on if I feel you are not ready to take on the responsibility for your own process towards growth.

* I work with individuals who are ready for full ownership over their own process; body, mind and soul. * These questions are as much for you a moment of introspection where you stand at, as well as for

me to get a sense and feel of who you are and where you are at.



Depending on your answers I will take you on or not.
*1 First, I need your full name, email address and your country of residency for clear and good communications.

*2 Second, What do you want to work on? What have you already done so far in your approach to it? (you can be elaborate)


*3 Third, what do you look for? What do you crave? *4 Fourth, why now? What makes you ready now?

*5 Fifth, if you were to look back one year from now and say “Working with Tessa changed my life; it was one of the best decisions I made...” What has to have happned - internally and externally - for you to feel you are now more able and ready to face the world fully?

I truly appreciate the time you invest in answering these question, and I am confident that your answers will contribute to see whether we can embark on a journey together!

With love, Tessa

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