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A P P L Y  F O R  1:1  C O A C H I N G 

Personal & Lifestyle 


Together we dive into where you want to grow in you life.

Body Awareness

A coaching trajectory focussed on creating a more healthy and holistic relationship with your body.

Trauma Healing 

A trajectory focussed trauma healing. 


“Tessa is a warm person who listens really well. She had a loving way of questioning me directly with the harder questions and I think she dares to ask through the uncomfortable really well. I got so many insights in the coaching trajectory that I did with her” 

—  Noortje K., coaching client

What is coaching?

Coaching is a personal development proces with the intention of durable and sustainable change in your life. It is a form of personal guidance in which we work together on an equal basis towards improvement and change in your life.

As your coach, I hold up a mirror for you to find your own answers and way to grow to your aspired dreams and goals. We look at where you are right now, and where or what you want to grown towards. 

Who I Coach

My strength lies in guiding you towards more self-consciousness, new perspectives, gaining more strength to fully be yourself and step into the world with healthy embodiment getting those things you desire and dream of into your life..

I do this with a lot of passion, creativity, intuitive workforms, holistic tools and techniques, my head, my heart ánd sometimes my own experience.  

Healing through embodiment

You have the ability to raise your awareness within you and around you.

You have your answers within you. Sometimes they are clouded and we feel the need to uncover them again. 

There is a pandora-box of tools to be discovered to raise your awareness and fully embody all that you are.

I will help to guide you to them. 


My approach is unique.

I work with the Effortless Coaching method, I focus on the latest developments in modern coaching, Quantum Physics, cell memory, and new human sciences combined with older sciences and traditions of healing. 


I do this on through the Co-Active Coach model and I work with tools that involve breath work, embodiment, reliving trauma, meditation, visualization and conversational techniques.

I work holistically, meaning that I involved your body, mind and soul. 

I work with the fight/flight/freeze response and the subconscious to release you from the patterns that no longer serve you. 

I combine the tools and techniques with my experience and knowledge of the principles of Ayureda to help you with lifestyle adjustments as well as the philosophy of Yoga

My methodology is based on the belief that we are whole and complete already and that by investigating what holds us back, we can grow further in life. 


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I also specialize in...

body acceptance, body image, selfworth and confidence

issues of diversity, inclusion, and stigmatization

medical setback and chronic illness-related trauma

spiritual practice development and intention-setting 

meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic therapeutics 

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