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I love speaking to groups on topics of body awareness, perception, lookism, body intimacy and relationship. I enter organizations of any form or size to teach, guide and mentor groups on how we see each other and looking beyond our looks. I teach on the affects of lookism, discrimination on the basis of looks, and through many practices guide people to embody a more inclusive view of each other.

Favorite Topics

With my MSc in the field of lookism, stigma and internalization processes, I love talking about the influences of our looks and appearance on the way we operate in life, organizations and the private sphere. I believe that everything is a relationship in essence, and that the way we relate to ourselves and our body translate into how we we interacted with the appearance, looks and body of others. 

With 28 experiential years in the medical field as a patient, I like to dive into topics that bridge the scientific world with the more experiential side of life itself, this can be in the form of advising medical specialists on cultivating a professional yet nourishing relationships with their patients. 

I consult with groups of women to intimately look at the relationship to body, body image and inclusive  body awareness. 

Within all my speaking engagements I bring in my expertise on lookism and perception, teaching the importance of how we use our eyes. I strive to let people look beyond what they see and perceive. 

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