I give healing treatments focussed on the facial tissues, influencing you on a cellular level.


Marma is the traditional Ayurvedic acupressure technique using anatomical point on the body that hold increased energy, or life force, linked to physical, emotional, menal and spiritual well-being. I work with 37 marma points located on head, shoulders and neck. 

Access Energetic Facelift ®

I use the nourishing energetic body process of Access Consciousness for facial healing using 32 generative energetics to restore, rejuvenate and enliven the facial and body tissue.

It contributes to facial muscle release, appearance, radiance and cell-level restoration. 


Sessions take place in my practice in Amsterdam-West

90 minutes | €100,-

Thursdays 14.00 - 17.00

Friday 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday 10.00 

you are served a cup otf tea before the session while we connect on how I can best support your face 


personal guidance + healing session

or if there are specifics to your face, visible or invisible, that you'd like to dive into first...

healing + personal guidance | 120 minutes | €170,-

you are served a cup otf tea, we sit and dive into where you are in life and move into a healing session to support you through facial healing 

a package

repetition often is key in matters of life

repetition of a healing session

3 sessions in 6 weeks| 90 minutes each | €280.-

Through my exploration of alternative modalities and healing and to balance the facial medical treatment in the hospital, I learned ways to balance my face with loving touch through marma. I studied Access Consciousnese to integrate the deeper, cellular and energetics that lie within the facial tissue.

I love to apply marma to myself, but I love it even more to give to you. Our face is subject to so much; it is our first impression to others, it is exposed most to the elements, and it holds the entrance to ur sensory organs.


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