Guidance for parents with a child on a medical journey, with a visible difference or dis-ease


There are many questions that arise for new parents, let alone when confronted with a child with a medical condition or visible difference. Often there is much attention to the medical aspect, but little attention to the psycho-social aspects most  parents often equally worry about. The questions arising about the (social) development and future life of their child and how they will face the world.

Through my expertise and experience, I offer psycho-social support for all these questions and how to walk a medical journey with self-trust a a parents, in decision-making and 




90 minute session
120,- eu (incl. all VAT)
a discovery call + questionnaire prior to our session to provide you the best support
recording + notes sent after
check-in a week after
email support after session
follow-up sessions available



Through my work and social media outlets,
I receive weekly messages from parents, caregivers and pedagogical professionals expressing their journey with having (or working with) a child with a visible difference, being on a medical journey or dealing with disease. I receive vulnerable expressions of how they find ground in seeing representation of what life of their child can look like, not despite of their conditioning, but more so because of it.  

I am deeply grateful for these messages and want to be the support that my parents have missed while raising me. My experience is coupled with solic study and expertise.

expertise and experience

With over 28 years of being on a medical journey, having dealt with setbacks, insecurity but also healing and many successes, I know like no other what it means to walk a path with (inexplicable) symptoms, making medical choices, finding trust, dealing with medical trauma, establishing a healthy relationship to doctors and the medical system. My experience is backed by my loving parents who have been through all of it with me, who devotionally documented my medical journey and who faced hardship in the judicial aftermath of laser treatment gone wrong. Their strength, commitment to care for me and loving attention is what I transfer through my embodiment. 

With my inexhaustable passion to guide others, I love to transmit my lessons from my journey to those having just embarked on this journey.  I hold a MSc in lookism and perception and conducted academic research on the experience of people with a visible difference in society, I bring an expert view on the workings of discrimination, stigma, inclusion and diversity. I studied child development through Positive Psychology and all my work is trauma-informed. 


those who came before you...

"We scheduled a session with Tessa because we wanted to talk to someone with experience. With our 2 year-old daughter we have to make so many medical choices and sometimes we have felt unsure what is the best for her as we fear the medical treatments have a lot of impact on her. Our session with Tessa was really helpful. It was good to finally speak to someone who has lived-experience. It gave courage and inspiration to keep going. She had some interesting tips for us too. Thank you!" - Catherine, USA, June 2021. 

"This session with Tessa touched me so much, her story and way of handling situations with a birthmark and also the medical wisdom was so inspiring to hear and she helped us through some tough decision-making and to shift our perspectives a little bit. As a mother, I want to protect my child from harm and want the best and it is hard to decide sometimes. Tessa showed us how empowering examples. I left with a feeling of trust and support." -
Kim, The Netherlands, November 2021

"I found Tessa through Instagram and was inspired of how she lives with the visible difference. My child has a birthmark too and I worry about how to deal with all the stares in the street. Tessa helped me with my own way of dealing with how people look. Very helpful and the social aspect is important, this should be provided in the medical system. Thank you so much for your session." Amelia, France, November 2021.


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