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A B O U T  M E

Tessa Schiethart

I am an inquisitive and driven person. I love research and I have a deep interest in personal development and growth, both my own and that of others. From a young age I have been interested in the human mind and what it is that lets people do what they do.

Born with a rare visible and vascular syndrome called Sturge Weber, I have experienced my fair share of medical treatments. I have realized early on how precious life is, but therefore also wildly questioned its meaning.

Since I am 17 I have found some of my personal answers in Ayurveda and Yoga. My interest in psychology, whether from an eastern or western perspective, has never faded.  

W H A T  I  DO 

Researching, coaching, sharing

With my research I delve into the workings of discrimination and stigmatization. I continue this by talking and interviewing many in the field of diversity studies. But during my BA and MSc I have also followed courses on comparative religion and Eastern philosophies, bringing me closer to the "why's" that I have. 

With all the research I have done, I have come to the understanding that more guidance is needed in people's processes of dealing with stigmatization and discrimination, but also with body awarenss, consciousness and insecurity in the broadest sense.

I guide people in their process in coaching trajectories.

I share my own experience of inclusion, diversity, birthmarked life, and awareness through social media and with this inspire and activate others.

 6 things to know about me

Amsterdam is my home base.

My coaching practice is located here as well

To find people to interview for my research on visible difference I used Instagram. From this To Face The World was born

I love dogs and you can find me regularly at the beach or in the forest to walk with my parttime dog Luna 

I love travelling, I mostly like to go to Asia. 

My fave places are Indonesia, India and Vietnam

I have a BA in International Studies  and an MSc in Organizational Culture and Management

I am born with a large port wine stain birthmark which covers the totality of my face. It is part of the Sturge Weber Syndrome. 

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