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To Face The World

I help women reconnect to their body intimately 

I am a body image, awareness and integrative embodiment coach. 

Instagram as a method for research

Tessa is an inquisitive and driven person with a passion for personal development, research and guiding others in their transformational journey.


From a young age, she has been interested in the human mind and what it is that lets people do what they do. It has led her to her own practice of self-discovery.


She has found some of her answers in coaching, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. 

She began a daily contemplative practice at age 17 and now guides others in their development, teaching them tools and skills to enhance their experience of life.

Tessa holds a BSc in International Studies and an MA in Organizational Anthropology and Human Management. Additionally, she followed many extracurricular university courses in Positive Psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Human Flourishing amongst others. 

She is a certified Effortless Coach, trained as a yoga teacher with a special focus on Ayurveda. 

Born with a rare visible and vascular syndrome called Sturge Weber, Tessa knows from experience what it is like to live with a visible facial difference and how to deal with medical setbacks. Through this, she has come to see how precious life is, but also wildly questioned its meaning.

From research to embodiment

"In the fall of 2019, I initially started To Face The World out of a research project for my thesis trajectory. I conducted research on the experience of people with a visible facial difference on the job market. I started my Instagram @tofacetheworld as a method and means to come into contact with others with a visible facial difference. I shared my own experience and connected with individuals to hear theirs.

Through interviewing over 50 individuals, I came to two main conclusions. 

My academic conclusion was that lookism has tremendous effects on the way we hire new employees and that lookism is a fairly new field of research that needs more thorough exploration. 

Secondly, and more important personally, is that interviewing all these beautiful people made me realize I want to guide others in their experience of their body and their bodymind relationship. 

I succesfully completed my MA and I continue to write and research, which I share mostly on Instagram. I transformed To Face The World into my coaching business from which I successfully guide transformational journeys " 

B E F O R E  T O  F A C E  T H E  W O R L D

Before starting To Face The World, I was deeply invested in my studies. I was not solely focussed on my formal University-education, but spent significant time delving into my personal contemplative practice. Each term-break or long holiday I spent in Asia studying these practices. 

Through my medical setbacks at a young age, I came into contact with Ayurveda and yoga at age 17. I began my daily practice out of a need to heal my own body. When Western medical doctors had no answers left, I decided to find my own. For a decade, I immersed myself into different traditions, schools, methods and techniques. I thoroughly investigated the human mind, balanced living and what it means to live a contemplative life. I found different answers that resonated next to Western solutions. I would rise at 5.30 AM to practice meditation and yogic posture each morning for about 2,5 hours, read books, studied femininity and womanhood, studied ancient texts, travelled to study with teachers. I wasn't even thinking of transferring it to others.  


Towards the end of my University-studies, I was doubting what to do with all my knowledge and experience, where the direction of my life was going. I received the news that my eyesight was not stable and I developed chronic pain in my hip area.

Going through the physical pain and mental fear, I noticed many things in my life were shifting. Once again, I focussed on my own healing and dreams. 


I realized my dream was guiding others and start my own business. I was ready to transfer all my experience, knowing that my strengths lie at guiding others. I transformed my daily practice, my personal life and work, and made To Face The World into my coaching business as it is today.



MSc degree in Culture, Organization and Management 

BA in International Studies, specialized in Asian cultures and history

Effortless Coaching Trainning

Academic tracks in Positive Psychology & Science of Well-being 

RYT Yoga 300 hours teaching certification

6000+ hours of yogic and somatic practice experiece

Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Training

Read 300+ books on self-development


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