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To Face The World

Tessa Schiethart

A B O U T  T E S S A

I am an inquisitive and driven person. I love research and I have a deep interest in personal development and growth, both my own and that of others. From a young age I have been interested in the human mind and what it is that lets people do what they do.


Born with a rare visible and vascular syndrome called Sturge Weber, I have experienced my fair share of medical treatments. I have realized early on how precious life is, but therefore also wildly questioned its meaning.

Since I am 17 I have found some of my personal answers in Ayurveda and Yoga. My interest in psychology, whether from an eastern or western perspective, has never faded and is the reason I coach others.


 6 things to know about me

Amsterdam is my home base.

My coaching practice is located here as well

To find people to interview for my research on visible difference I used Instagram. From this To Face The World was born

I love dogs and you can find me regularly at the beach or in the forest to walk with my parttime dog Luna 

I am born with a large port wine stain birthmark which covers the totality of my face. It is part of the Sturge Weber Syndrome. 

I love travelling, I mostly like to go to Asia. 

My fave places are Indonesia, India and Vietnam

I have a BA in International Studies  and an MSc in Organizational Culture and Management

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