Tessa Schiethart

Body image, awareness & Integrative embodiment coach

how I support. 

I work one-on-one with you to enhance the harmony between your mind, body, and soul. I use somatic healing and practices, positive psychology, science of well-being, the latest developments in neuro-science, epigenetics, and embodiment tools. 

I work from an holistic perspective, with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, daily habits and so much more. 


In coaching I walk alongside you with my in-depth training, studies and experience as the base for your growth. 

I focus on coming home to the body. 

Alongside my one-on-one containers I hold group-containers through my courses, offline workshops and classes in Amsterdam, all aimed at connecting you back to the body. 

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a way for us to work in-depth

1:1 coaching trajectories of 6 or 12 weeks for women


Support for parents

consultations for parents with child with a visible difference or going through a medical trajectory

Female Embodiment

reconnecting to the female body through somatic practices and embodiment tools in coaching

Body Image & Acceptance

changing your relationship to your body through perceptions, thoughts, and practices


Tessa is a writer, teacher and coach with a Masters in Human Management, specialized in Lookism. She writes, coaches, and teaches in the field of body image, body awareness and integrative female embodiment. She focuses on somatic practices and coaching for individuals and groups. 

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