Tessa Schiethart

Body awareness, body intimacy & 
integrative embodiment 

Looks & perception expertise

what I am here for...

With my background in (organizational) anthropology, cultural studies, inclusion, diversity and human management and with a decade long of daily devotional yogic practice, I love delving into what makes people tick.

I have studied long-term but knew already from an early age that I wanted to devote my life to guiding others in transformational processes. 

Born with my rare port wine stain and the eye problems I live with, I have a unique view on seeing and being seen. 

I apply my knowledge and experience in guiding individuals, groups and business towards more body awareness, embodiment.


My mission is to alter the way we look at ourselves and each other for a more wholesome, inclusive and self-acceptant world.

what I do...

I work one-on-one with you to enhance the harmony between your mind, body, and soul. I use somatic practices, positive psychology, science of well-being, the latest developments in neuro-science, epigenetics, embodiment tools and so much more.

I work from an holistic perspective, with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, daily habits and so much more. 


I use my in-depth training, studies and experience as the base for your growth. 

I focus on coming home to the body. 

Alongside my one-on-one containers I hold group-containers through my courses online and offline workshops and classes in Amsterdam. All are aimed at connecting you back to the body. 

How can I help?

Individual guidance

Work 1:1 with me


Within Your Skin

Within Your Skin-3.jpg

In-depth guidance

I work with you in a safe container through online sessions or offline in my practice in Amsterdam.

Course starts again September 20th

Join me in this beautiful container.

Loosening our conditioning around appearance, looks and body image, 

going deep within to create body awareness.


About me

I am a teacher, writer and guide on body awareness, looks and perception with a Masters in Human Management, specialized in Lookism. I write, coach, and teach in the field of body image, body awareness and integrative female embodiment.
I have a (psycho-)somatic approach. I use the body as the main portal to ourselves, and offer guidance for individuals and groups. 

The face behind 

To Face The World

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