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Guiding you to a deeper relationship to beauty, body, love and life...

face the world fully, wholly from within

you are here to embrace your beauty, body, love and life

the path of facing the world is a transformational path towards artfully relating to your experience of unique being, beauty, radiance and flourishing from within. Through somatic psychotherapy, mentoring and teaching, I guide you on your path to face your world fully, wholly from within. 


To Face The World originated from Tessa's deep personal relationship to  beauty and visibility and took root through grounded academic research on the layers of conditioning around the body's visibility, appearance, beauty and the dynamics of lookism. Her experience and research transformed into her service and work as a writer, teacher, mentor and psychotherapist to guide others on their healing journey, finding unique meaning and flourishing in their life, and become intimately connected to their beauty, body and radiance of being, Through psychosomatic therapy, practice, teachings, mentoring and speaking. Tessa shares her mission of facing the world in our beautiful human uniqueness.

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somatic psychotherapy

Come into presence with your unique path of healing, facing the obstacles standing in the way of living your life of beauty and flouris 


Explore your path of living through unique programs, curated to awaken your flourishing and ignite your path of living 

reading and speaking

find inspiration and insight in  Tessa's story through her book and keynotes 


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