See through and
look beyond

with Tessa Schiethart

beyond yourself, your looks and the world around you

guiding you on the path to inclusive body awareness, image, intimacy and relationship 


I see you, woman

to accept your body, to build the confidence, to live more from your body, to intimately connect with your body, to wholesomely relate to your body...
Deep down you know that your body is a complete miracle, but you lost the connection. Time to go beyond, and see through. Through the looks of it, the appearance of it. To embody from within and relate to your body deeply and intimately. Beyond, beyond all that you believe and have been taught. 


I'm Tessa

And I am here for you to face the world, wholly from within. I am a teacher, writer and guide on inclusive body awareness, image and intimacy. I hold a Masters in Human Management, specialized in Lookism. I love how we see and perceive ourselves and the world. My own eyesight has never been an ability I took for granted due to the Sturge-Weber syndrome that I have. I have a large port wine stain, you've probably seen it...

I guide you on your path relating more intimately to your body, letting you look beyond so that you can step into the world fully, and face the world fully from within. 

The face behind 

To Face The World

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Personal Guidance

a deep and sacred 1:1 journey


a 3-month guided journey supported with tools for body awareness 


life-altering courses to build the intimate relationship to your body


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