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divine beauty, somatic consciousness, art of relating

the path to face the world fully, wholly from within


To Face The World originated from Tessa's deep personal relationship to skin, beauty and visibility and took root through grounded academic research on the social layers of conditioning around the body's visibility, appearance, beauty and dynamics of lookism. Her experience and research transformed into her mission and work
to become deeply intimate with the true meaning of beauty, uniqueness and wellbeing in the body. Through psychosomatic therapy, practice, teachings, mentoring and speaking. Tessa shares her mission of facing the world in our uniqueness..



Tessa's work lies at the intersection of personal embodied living and practice through yogic science, ayurvedic nutrition and tantric art of living coupled with philosophical and theoretical rhetoric originating from psychology, epigenetics, quantum science, and human flourishing. She  aspires to reconnect you with the living feeling body with all sensations, beyond symptoms, and with emotions. She aspires to evoke a deeper connection to ourselves, our inherent beauty and how we perceive and relate to what we see in ourselves, cultivating a uniquely intimate connection to our body and the world around us. 



personal guidance to support you in reconnecting with your body, innate beauty and presence in the world, exploring your unique expression in life.


Get a copy of my book in which I share my personal journey of visbility, my port wine stain, eye sight conditioning, and get insight into the spiritual path of facing the world fully as you are!

* in Dutch, for now.


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